Does it matter which genre I produce?

We like mixing all genres, as you can see in our portfolio, all styles interest us.



I only want you to master my song, is my mix good enough for mastering?

If the way your mix sounds on every set of speakers makes you happy it’s good enough.

Keep in mind the most consumers listen to your music on  iPod earbuds, in the car,

and on laptop speakers. Our mastering will improve the sound of your mix in different ways,

make sure there are no major problems in your mix, those can’t be fixed in the mastering process.



How do I prepare my song for mixing and mastering?

Please go to Mixing & Mastering.



How do I prepare my files?

We need a stereo bounce of each song you want to send. We cannot accept Fruity Loops,

ProTools, Logic or Ableton or any other session files. Ideally, it would be a stereo wav or aiff file with

a 44.1k sample rate and 24 bit depth. Higher sample rates are more than welcomed.



What bit resolution do I render my stems?

Please send us 24 bit files minimum.



What level of dB should my stems have?

Not more than -6 dB.



What is the location of your studio?

Our studio is in the Soundwise Studio’s building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



You have a recording room, is it possible to record vocals and instruments?

We do have the possibility to record vocals, just fill in as much information as possible

in the description field on the Price Quote Form and we will contact you.



How can I pay?

The easiest way is through Paypal, please enter the artist name and title of the song

in the Description field of our quote form. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can also use the

Description field to let us know your preferred way of payment.



Questions? Fill in the contact form