Mixing & Mastering


Mixing is the process of taking the individual tracks of a song, adding compression,

adjusting the levels, adding effects and magic, and creating the balance of each instrument

and voice. Artists and musicians from all genres record the split stems of their song and prepare

them to be mixed into one stereo file. That’s where we come in.

Mastering is the final process when that mixed stereo file must be ready for release.

Think of it as the cherry on top. In the mastering process we will take the stereo mix

and give it the proper volume, compression, and equalization to compete with popular

music released today.




Stereo Mastering

The highest potential master of your mixdown ready for commercial use.


Stem Mastering

Giving us more possibilities and control on the quality and balance of your final master.

Provide us with the next seven stems: Kick, Drums, Bass, Percussion, Synths, FX and Vocals.


Mixing & Mastering

Most comprehensive option where you provide us with a maximum of 20 stems.

Allowing us to have control over everything in your mix which results in the best master of your song.


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